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Centro Temático del Vino Villa Lucía

The Villa Lucía Wine Center, which has trusted in RV EDIPRESS as its Communication and Publicity Agency since 2003, is an innovating, surprising and interactive museum and meeting center that has been awarded with the “Best Of Turismo Vitivinívola 2003” (Best of Viniculture Tourism) Award, and that has been designed to enjoy, savour and discover the culture of the most universal drink in a setting where celebrations are very special thanks to its four large rooms and its modern installations. To do so, it offers us a carefully manicured atmosphere , that recreates the popular architecture of the typical wineries of the area, in an environment surrounded by a botanical garden with species from all over the world, natural spaces with commemorative statues, relaxing water falls, artisan machinery, tents, terraces, audiovisual effects, virtual tastings and didactic panels, a hand-selected library, a fascinating tour through all of the stages of the elaboration of the different wine broths and, as a colophon, the possibility to enjoy a tasting experience where the                                                         visitor can learn to taste, enjoy and love wine.


C/ Labastida, nº 13, 3ª Planta - 28034. Tfno.: 91 730 82 15. Fax: 91 730 81 93. Aviso Legal | Política de Privacidad