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Sallés Hotels

The RV EDIPRESS Group has won the trust of Sallés Hotels, a hotel chain originated in Catalonia with a presence across many national destinations that are especially attractive to diverse segments of the tourism sector, as are the provinces of Girona, Barcelona, Malaga, Ciudad Real and the Balearic island of Majorca. With hotel establishments between four and five stars–among them the standout names of Sallés Hotel; Mas Tapiolas, Salles Hotel; Cala del Pi or Sallés Hotel; Suites Natura-, the brand entrusts us for the design and execution of its 360º comprehensive communications strategy, through which we will create a solid brand and reference point in the sector and among travellers, positioning their hotels among clients seeking quality, to publicise their activities on a national level, developing initiatives for Communications, Advertising and Marketing, Public Relations and Events, Photography, Social Medial and graphic design.


C/ Labastida, nº 13, 3ª Planta - 28034. Tfno.: 91 730 82 15. Fax: 91 730 81 93. Aviso Legal | Política de Privacidad