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Linkers, consultancy firm specialised in Human Resources for the Catering and Hospitality industries have chosen RV EDIPRESS to analyse, design and implement its Communication and Promotion strategy. It is a Spanish project created in 2010 by Marianela Olivares and David Basilio, two professionals with a proven track record in staff management and business strategies in the catering industry.   Linkers has a powerful job search portal to ensure the best profile filtering for hospitality businesspeople. They also offer high-level Human Resources services, from specialised staff selection to bespoke training and coaching, provided by the very same team of experts that are part of the company, aiming to make our clients reach excellence in service quality. All of this with a common philosophy: “we help you boost your abilities”.   


C/ Labastida, nº 13, 3ª Planta - 28034. Tfno.: 91 730 82 15. Fax: 91 730 81 93. Aviso Legal | Política de Privacidad