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Alhambra Palace

Hotel Alhambra Palace of Granada has selected RV EDIPRESS as their Comunications and Advertising Agency given their experience and specialization in the Tourism sector and quality hotels. This resort which is emblematic of Granada due to its history, its prestige and geographic location, a few metres away from Alhambra, is celebrating its 100th anniversary keeping its neo-mudejar aesthetics and vocation of service and exclusivity which has made it an international landmark.

 World-class landmark in elite tourism, the elegant and exquisite architecture of the Hotel Alhambra Palace, together with its historical and architectural legacy, which has been protected by UNESCO, being witness for decades of the transformation of the city that hosts it, as well as its greatest social events.


C/ Labastida, nº 13, 3ª Planta - 28034. Tfno.: 91 730 82 15. Fax: 91 730 81 93. Aviso Legal | Política de Privacidad