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PR and Events

Different, personalized events, designed with the utmost care

RV EDIPRESS GROUP takes another step forward in the conventional relationship that exists between Agencies and Clients or the Media, creating a specific Department for Events and Public Relations that responds to the always complex organization, development and follow-up of presentations, press travel, working breakfasts, parties or any other initiative that a client wishes to take on. In the Agency, from its foundation, we have given great importance to this division and we have been able to unite a great team of professionals that work daily so that every event turns out perfectly, to care for every detail and to, in coordination with the Client, design unique proposals where information professionals enjoy their work and they become the protagonists of all that they want us to communicate. “But in addition, at RV EDIPRESS GROUP, and as a new development, through this department we also offer the possibility of organising ceremonies and events on the dot for all clients who, not currently forming part of our client portfolio at the Agency, would like to hire our services to inform the Press about their offer and message.” A very interesting proposal designed and tailored specifically for each client, at very competitive rates and the guarantee of results.


Ángela Rivas

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