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D.O Ribera del Guadiana

The Denomination of Origen Ribera del Guadiana entrusts its communications to the RV EDIPRESS Group, to design a comprehensive 360º strategy that brings together the departments of Communications, Marketing, Photography, Events and Social Networking, to launch this wine to the head of the national scene. This is a new client in the Agency’s portfolio, certifying the trajectory of growth of an entity that since 1999 has had its efforts from time immemorial recognised in the area of winemaking and that today continues with the labour that comes so natural to Extremadura, fully engaged in the transformation of its vineyards and wineries.


C/ Labastida, nº 13, 3ª Planta - 28034. Tfno.: 91 730 82 15. Fax: 91 730 81 93. Aviso Legal | Política de Privacidad