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The Girona city council selects the leader in Tourism Communications to reinforce its positioning and promote this location

After recent additions to its client portfolio of wineries like Pagos de Leza, of initiatives like Trending Hotel, and the renewal of confidence shown by destinations like Uruguay, or catering consultants Linkers, the RV EDIPRESS Group announces the addition of Tourism Roses to its client portfolio. With a large dose of thrill, work, loyalty and dedication as a business philosophy, the Agency will take charge of the design and implementation of the ambitious communications strategy to catch the attention of the media and the general public alike with this unique and surprising tourism project.

`Authentic Roses´. Such is the presentation of the location of Roses, as it enters into a stage of development and promotion, together with RV EDIPRESS Group, Spain"s Communications leader in Tourism, Leisure and Gastronomy, to get the word out to the media and the public about its innumerable resources and tourist attractions.

Such, the Communications Agency will design and deploy an ambitious comprehensive strategy encompassing all areas: Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Photography, Events and Design with the goal of achieving sound positioning for the brand within the national market.

Situated in the Alt Empordà region, flanked by the Golf of Roses and the Cape of Creus, Roses is located in a bay of more than 3,000 years of history. The Mediterranean essence and the tourist and marine tradition is reflected in what brings together a product that looks for diversification away from seasonal tourism and the consolidation within the national market as a reference point for naturalists, sports fans, families and wine enthusiasts. 

An area right in Costa Brava and near the Pyrenees of Girona, and home to what every traveller could want: nature in its purest form, ancient culture and superb gastronomy. Elements that, together with its infinite list of activities that can be taken up in this corner of the peninsula, make this destination a paradise to be enjoyed through the five senses and throughout the entire year.

Such that, the collaboration with RV EDIPRESS will continue until 2016 and include the backing of the Agency and the great results reached with destination clients, with the wine tour sector and promotional tourism all having experienced precise communications management of the most promising destinations like Castile and León, Formentera or Extremadura.

The plan, designed by RV EDIPRESS, embarks on essential aspects within Tourism that, at the same time, make up a part of life, of history, tradition and customs of this Alt Empordà region. An interesting proposal that looks to open the doors to its excellent beaches, natural parks, cultural heritage, wine routes and varied gastronomy. Ultimately, to demonstrate each and every one of the tourist attractions that make this destination a point of reference.


The chain is made up of nine lovely four and five star hotels in different destinations, in addition to nearly 50 holiday dwellings

After the recent additions to its client portfolio of hoteliers, like the Dauro Group Hotels, of initiatives like Trending Hotel, of wineries like Pagos de Leza and after votes of confidence through renewals by destinations like Uruguay and Formentera, the RV EDIPRESS Group adds Sallés Hotels to its portfolio. The variety of establishments the chain has available, found across desirable tourist locations such as areas along the Costa Brava-Girona, Malaga, Barcelona, Ciudad Real and Mallorca, gives a glimpse of the image and positioning strategy that seems exciting and motivational for this communications agency. 

Hotels for living in the moment, where there"s never too much or too little, where the smallest detail has been thought out, the locations may be spaces of natural beauty, it may be in the particulars or the great city services, but they are things that draw in the traveller and potential visitor. This is the foundation of the Sallés Hotels, a chain that, after deciding to invest heavily in promoting its unrivalled installations and the emotions they provoke, has entrusted the RV EDIPRESS Group to design and manage its communications strategy.

In this way, the Communications Agency will dive in to promoting all areas of its infrastructure-Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Photography, Events, Social Media and Design-to position the image of the Sallés Hotels brand on a national level, working directly with tourism and travel communications professionals, as well as the end client.

Sallés Hotels is a chain with a presence in many national destinations that are especially attractive to diverse segments of the tourism sector, as are Girona, Barcelona, Malaga, Ciudad Real and the Balearic island of Majorca. Both in form of hotel–of four and five stars- and holiday dwellings, the brand offers installations that charm the senses of its visitors, in addition to offering services that make the client feel like everything is within reach and located in scenes that, either urban or natural countryside, near to what is of most interest to the traveller.

In Platja d’Aro (Costa Brava-Girona), the visitor will find the Sallés Hotel & SPA, Cala del Pi, a paradise escape along the Costa Brava. Located along the very coast of Girona, the rural country dwellings of Sallés Hotel & SPA, Mas Tapiolas and the Sallés Hotel Suites Natura can also be found, where mountains, tranquillity, elegance and rest all meet. Ciudad Real awaits the golf fanatic at the Sallés Hotel & SPA, La Caminera, location of a pro course, while Sallés Hotel Málaga Centre offers two different scenes–the classic and the vanguard- right in the historical and commercial centre of that town.

Add to that Sallés Hotel, Marina Portals, that provides its clients beautiful and relaxing views at any hour of the day around the Portals Nous Bay (Mallorca), along with Sallés Hotel, Ciutat del Prat and Sallés Hotel, Aeroport Girona, both destinations that offer lodging to those travellers who need to stay close to the airports in Barcelona and Girona, respectively. For those who prefer to see the city from within the Catalonian capital the option would be the Sallés Hotel, Pere IV, between the centre and the Olympic Port.

Similarly, the chain offers options for those who prefer the idea of a holiday dwelling. Sallés Beach is found in El Estatit (Costa Brava) and is a concentration of nearly 50 apartments, each with a capacity of up to six people.

Such is the variety in installations and locations of the establishments that RV EDIPRESS will be excited to put forward within a communications strategy. Every detail of each hotel and the attractiveness of their surroundings complement a tourist package of the highest quality that the Communications Agency will work to promote, right into the hands of specialised journalists, with the goal that the Sallés Hotels brand will reach every traveler who seeks what the chain is offering: unique spaces at unforgettable destinations.

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