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Welcome to the webpage of RV EDIPRESS GROUP, Communications, Publicity, Marketing, Events, Public Relations and Publishing Agency specialized in the tourism, recreation, Gastronomy and Culture sector that is endorsed by the number of clients that we currently have, the results obtained in the management of their accounts and the service to the Media/means of communication that we offer.  

We have designed a simple, intuitive, elegant, and easy-to-use space where users can find a short explanation of all of the services that we offer, as well as a description of each one of the businesses that we represent so that we can transfer their assets to those people that wish to find excellence, quality and singularity in our webpage.  

We hope to achieve two grand objectives: give a much faster and familiar service to journalists and help to spread the image of each and every one of our clients on an international level, reaching a higher interactivity but without, of course, abandoning a personal treatment that, at RV EDIPRESS GROUP, is our identity badge.


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